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We saw a nice YouTube film from Rick Gonzales showing how to use our nozzles to create a bullet blast effect. Even if we naturally think our Air Squibs using radio control are of far better quality with more ability to control the effect - this is still a really clever idea and a noteworthy effect that is good to know of when you need to improvise and come up with a solution "on the spot". Note that we think there are a few things you should think of when trying out Rick's effect using our nozzles:

The pressure used in the cartridges is really, really high. Even if you let out some of the pressure before rigging. Make certain you do not blow the CO2 on your skin as it is almost as high as hydraulic pressure from a cartridge. The pressure can easily damage your skin.

The gas is really really cold and could cause you frostbite when CO2 is expelled from the cartridge/tubing. Protect your skin from the gas - and think ahead and protect tubing connectors as these may crack and leak icy-cold gas where you would not expect it.

Expelled CO2 may show up as a smoke plume creating a visual effect you may not be wanting.

With all warnings in place - have a look at Ricks video to the right. Good job, Rick!


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