5) Gravity fired Air-Squib™ kit


5) Gravity fired Air-Squib™ kit
Olov / Wednesday, August 10, 2016 / Categories: Shop

5) Gravity fired Air-Squib™ kit

Gravity fired Air-squib - full kit in case

This kit is both equipped with a classic radio control firing box, and also a separate gravity switch allowing you to fire the "hit" yourself. No need for an assistant or a technician, for those occasions where you yourself want to act as the victim - but have nobody to help you out at the critical button-pressing moment. Used by magicians, or on stage performances where the "victim" fires the hit by simply raising their arm. Has also been used by actors to magically snuff out a burning candle as the arm is raised. (Air tubing led through candle.)

The switch is connected to the receiver and strapped to your arm, under your watch-band and reacts when arm is lifted.

A complete kit with radio control transmitter, gravity switch, receiver, air pump, manual liquid pump for "pulsating wounds", five nozzles, double sided tapes etc., will cost you 899 USD + freight 30 USD.
The kit is packed in a nice foam-lined case. Just add fake blood. Using this unit, you will be able to rig hundreds of body hits at a very low cost. See video below (second image) of what is included in the kit. The video does not show the gravity switch.

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