9) Blood tank - pressurized


9) Blood tank - pressurized
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9) Blood tank - pressurized

Fill with liquid and squirt liquid without batteries

This tank is a clever aid if you want to squirt imitation blood from a "wound". Fill it to 2/3 with liquid and top off with compressed air from tire valve, and you are all set to squirt liquid everywhere. Works well for squirting imitation blood and is also good for comical "tears" shooting far over the audience from the glasses of a clown. Or maybe for someone urinating on cue (you know how difficult it is to do that with the pressure of a whole camera team watching!)? Or fill with plain air and inflate a "bump" on a wig after you hit your head. In general a very good source of energy on a performer or actor since it is pretty silent and does not need batteries to work. Supplied with valve and the outlet shown in the photo. Add your own creativity, tubings and valves to create your own effects.

Perfect as an aid for your splatter film as it squirts a good amount of imitation blood from a cut throat or limb - but may also be used for a comedy effect where a cowboy drinks water after being "shot" numerous times - leaking water from the holes. Or maybe an exaggerated sweat-scene in the style of Leslie Nielsen in "Airplane"?  May also inflate bladders, "fright wigs", muscles or balloons on an actor. We recommend that you strap the tank to your calf (under the pant leg), on your back, or pop it into a tank-pocket sewn into the costume.

Also works as a hidden high-powered source of pressurized water to your tiny water pistol (win all water wars with amazing water pressure!) or use it to rig the classic magic trick "The human fountain" where water jets appears from impossible places (Dunninger, etc) on the magician.

Fill it with maximum 175 psi (12 bars) of air pressure and shoots a good sized water jet. Made from brass and aluminium and must not be filled with acids. Capacity 8 ounces. Supplied with ball valve outlet.
Request price on tank equipped with specially made electric valve for remote controlling the outlet.


150 USD + freight 30 USD.

The size of the receiver/tank unit is 6" x 4" x 2,2" or in metric 150 x 100 x 55 mm.

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