8) Blood and slime pump


8) Blood and slime pump
Olov / Wednesday, August 10, 2016 / Categories: Shop

8) Blood and slime pump

Pump thick and viscous liquids - hand powered

A hand-powered pump, perfect for pumping stage blood, slime or other viscous liquids. Just attach to a soda bottle as an inexpensive container for your stage blood, wallpaper glue etc. Gives a pulsating effect, suitable for simulating a pumping artery. The outlet tubing extends more than 5 inches and is easily connected to other tubings (push one slightly bigger over the outlet-tubing) led up trough the actor's pants. Also great for pumping water, for instance for a clown gag for an oversized squirting flower. With a soda bottle reservoir, this will last many hours before needing to refill!


Price: 19 USD
Freight: 30 USD

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